PTimes M Productions holds itself to the highest standards of professionalism, showing loyalty to entertainment professionals and the SAG-AFTRA Union. Our mission is to be a premiere, upstanding production company dedicated to produce and co-produce independent films. We will seek to work with various inspiring and seasoned writers, directors and cinematographers.


Our primary focus is to raise funds to cultivate production for documentaries, intriguing drama, thrillers, horror and comedy in the Film, TV and video streaming industry for a profitable outcome for our investors. Secondly, working and building relationships with directors, production companies and distributors in the United States as well as in various countries.



Christina Marie grew up in the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois with two degrees in business management and fashion design. She has a successful 7 plus years as the Founder/Editor in Chief of a national distributed celebrity lifestyle magazine, 17 years as an Arizona Real Estate consulting Agent/Partner, and an Executive producer in a SAG-Urban Horror film due to release early 2017. Christina Marie has also branded her own Tikini™ Swimwear line, recognized in 2011 Sports Illustrated modeled by Alyssa Miller.



Mike Pirozzi is a native New Yorker with a 20 year career in the financial industry in some of the largest firms on Wall Street. In the latter ten years of his financial career, Mike pursued his dream as a writer. Up to date, he has written 10 feature films and developed a dozen shows for television. Six of the films were written for Mark Lipsky, whose movies have grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide. He is also an Executive producer of a SAG-Horror film due to be released in 2017.